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Profits to the MAX - Sales Management Productivity Tools for Profits to the MAX Cougar-Magic for Profits to the MAX's Professional Version cougar-magic.com

Product List by Topic
For Profits to the MAX Support's
Professional Version (all versions)

Sales Management pttm2SM MaxPak Tools to shorten the reaction time when customers change buying patterns and find new customers.
Credit Management pttm2CM MaxPak Make credit and collection easier with these tools.
Enhanced Reports pttm2RP MaxPak Whether you need some special reports or just reports with more information that are easier to read, we can assist you.
Excel Products for Cougar Cougar-Magic We offer several tools to more all or part of your Cougar Mountain Accounting data into MS Excel in detail or summarized.  We also have a program to convert your reports to Excel.
Speed UP Cougar-Zoom Everyone wants their computers to work faster.   This product lets you maximize the speed of your computer and network running Cougar Mountain Accounting and other software.
Accounts Payable pttm2AP MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
Accounts Receivable pttm2AR MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
Bank Reconciliation pttm2BR MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
General Ledger pttm2GL MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
Inventory pttm2IN MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
Job Cost pttm2JC MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
Order Entry pttm2OE MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
Purchase Order pttm2PO MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
Payroll pttm2PR MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
Point of Sale pttm2PS MaxPak These are the productivity tools that we offer for this module.
System Wide pttm2SY MaxPak These products are universal to all modules.
Contact Management pttm2CT MaxPak If you need to keep track of multiple contact names at a customer, here are your options.
Bar Coding & RFID pttm2BC MaxPak Barcoding can speed input and minimize entry mistakes.   Barcoding has been used for years in inventory and is now being used to read invoice numbers to enter into UPS Worldship or to record payment.
Credit Card pttm2CC MaxPak This item includes hardware, software and merchant account options.
eCommerce pttm2EC MaxPak Whether you want a full eCommerce solution or simply a bridge from your existing shopping cart to Cougar, we can provide that.
Fund / Non-Profit Acctg pttm2FD MaxPak Not for profit organizations have special needs including budgeting and encumbrances.  This item gives a listing of products of value to charities, governmental agencies and other non-profit organizations.
Graphing pttm2GR MaxPak Graphing is a valuable to be able to spot trends and abnormalities better than any other technique.
Human Resources pttm2HR MaxPak Check out our tools to assist Personnel/Human Resources Departments.
Hardware-Computer pttm2HW MaxPak Click here to see what we offer in computer hardware
Management pttm2MG MaxPak This covers our tools for management to assist them in their decision making process.
Networking pttm2NW MaxPak Click here to see what we offer in network hardware
Shipping Solutions pttm2SH MaxPak Check out your options to handle your shipping needs including interfaces with UPS Worldship.
Sales Management pttm2SM MaxPak These tools will let you spot changes in your customers, products and salespersons.
Training pttm2TR MaxPak Having a well trained staff is critical to a smooth running business and be able to handle changes.   Please review what we offer.
Tax Tools pttm2TX MaxPak Income tax, sales tax and other tax reporting needs are covered here.
Backup & File Protection pttm2BU MaxPak Is your backup procedures adequate, here are your options and checklists.
Security pttm2SC MaxPak Here are some options to keep your data more secure from hackers and employee fraud.
User-Friendly pttm2UF MaxPak User-friendliness is always desirable.  Here's what we offer to assist you.
Emergency Planning pttm2EY Emergency Emergencies can not be avoided but they can be planned for so that their effect can be minimized.
Email Tools pttm2Email Today's business relies on email as an efficient, inexpensive and less intrusive way of conducting business.   Here are the products which we offer to maximize this.
Fax Tools pttm2FX Fax Faxing can still be a very effective method of sending orders/purchase orders and advertising.  
pttm2SY LookupScreen tm pttm2SY LookupScreen Each company has different needs of what to display on their look up screens.   Changing this is a relatively easy thing to do.
User-Defined Field Mgr pttm2SY UDF+ Customize your Profits to the MAX Support for your company's specific needs by using their User-Defined Fields in the AP, AR, IN & PR modules.
Forms and Standard WS's pttm2KT OfcKit Record Retentions and assorted forms, standard spreadsheets, etc.
Lists for Businesses pttm2LT Lists Area Code, Zip Code, Abbreviations, SIC & other lists
Speed Products pttm2SP Speed Speed Products to speed up your network and workstations
Wireless Products pttm2WL Wireless Wireless products, PDA's, etc.
Forms and Supplies pttm2FR Forms&Supplies  

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Accounts Payable Module
Accounts Receivable Module
Bank Reconciliation Module
eMailing from Cougar
Excel integration

General Ledger  Module
Inventory incl. MRP      
Job Costing Module
Order Entry Module              
Payroll Module                   
Purchase Order Module            
Point of Sale Module   
Backing Up Tools
Credit Card SW
          & Merchant Accts
Credit & Collection Tools
Contact Mgt (CRM)
Data Exchg (import/export)
eCommerce Interface
           or Shopping Cart

Bar Coding Options
Fixed Assets
Fund Accounting
Forms for Cougar              
Faxing out of Cougar
Graphing for Cougar
Human Resource Tools Hardware-Computers, etc.
Internal Control Tools
Kit (Office Templates)
Lookups Enhancement
Lists (Business Lists)
Management Tools
Networking Issues
Speeding Things UP
Reporting Enhanced & Custom     
Security Tools
Shipping Tools                  
Sales Management Tools        
System Tools                    
Training Options                
Troubleshooting Tools      
Tax Tools (income & Sales Tax)
Wireless Tools









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